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I offer a clean, efficient chimney sweeping service within an hours drive of Lezay 79120, covering open fire places, wood and pellet stoves and boilers including oil fired. Also offered are;

Why Sweep My Chimney?

During the course of a season, your chimney and appliance slowly clog with soot and potentially dangerous tar deposits. These deposits can build up until they start to bloack the fule and may cause fumes to be released into your home, leading to potentially fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. Highly inflammable tar deposits may also ignite, causing a chimney fire.

Your appliance will burn much more efficiently if it is swept, using appreciably less wood or oil when clean and properly regulated. Clean appliances are better for you and your family, the enviroment and your pocket.

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Chimney Sweeping And The Law

The 'reglement sanitaire departmental' that covers the four departments which make up Poitou Charente state that all chimneys in use must be swept twice a year, at least once during their period of use. The only exceptions to this rule are chimneys serving gas appliances which require annual sweeping.

In practice, most customers opt to have their chimneys swept once a year. In any event, your insurer will expect you to have your chimney swept and certificated.

In the unfortunate even of a chimney fire, it is the first question your insurers expert will ask.